Interview with the
Minotaur (trailer)

A journalism graduate named Max Reubens goes to sleep and dreams of interviewing at a niche urban magazine called The Minotaur. His visions turns into a nightmare when the magazine's editor lectures the interviewee about his destiny. The condescending editor warns Max to stay away and relishes the opportunity to bash the dying industry. He sends the deflated Max on his way. But, the young copywriter has no wings to fly away from The Minotaur, and he can't find his way out of the labyrinthine building or wake from the horrifying dream.


This is the first show in the Parallels concert series---a mixture of experimental music and live poetry---put on by The Pangaea Project and documented here on behalf of Ubernothing Literary Journal.

Eg Anda (Sigur Ros
music video submission)

This is filmmaker/multimedia journalist Jason Kushner's submission for Sigur Rós' Valtari Film Competition. This music video features the album's first track, "Ég anda." Presented by Majestic Plural Studios

Pangaea Project 25

After two years noise and mayhem, and with 24 official events under its belt, the Pangaea Project of St. Pete, Florida celebrates their 25th with more strange music and performance art. Majestic Plural Studios was there, at the infamous Venture Compound, to document the evening's proceedings.

Who Keeps the Beekeepers?

A short documentary about beekeepers and honeybees' vital role in the environment, food supply and economy. The film features outspoken Migratory Beekeeper Dave Hackenberg as well as several experts on the subject including USDA Bee Research Leader Jeff Pettis Ph.D. and Dr. Diana Cox-Foster of Penn State University. Directed by Jason Kushner. Presented by Majestic Plural Studios.